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Futility Farms is a small grass farm consisting of 126 acres located in north central Wisconsin in a little town called Gilman, (population 412). Futility Farms is the home of natural beef - raised without the use of growth hormones, without a regular dose of antibiotics and without the use of chemical fertilizers on the land - the way beef should be raised, the way it used to be raised.

Beverly standing next to one of her cows

Here's how we do it - bull calves are purchased from local dairy farms when they are just a few days old and brought to the farm to be raised in spacious pastures grazing all day long with access to water and shelter. These are calves that would otherwise be sold at auction and possibly end up in feed lots. Because these calves do not get any growth hormones, it takes almost two years to raise an animal to full size, which means they have longer lives than other beef animals and live happier. Animals subjected to growth hormones have a life expectancy of about a year.

One phenomena of the way these animals are raised is their playful behavior. Usually sometime around sunset, many of the animals will run and jump or push each other in a playful manner. It is delightful to watch and satisfying to see the animals enjoy their lives.

Autumn Steers in a field

At Futility Farms, we pride ourselves in offering a quality product that is tender, flavorful and raised in a humane fashion. This was reflected in the top honor our t-bone steak won in the Meat and Charcuterie category thru the Gallo Family Vineyard Gold Medal Awards.

We hope you have a chance to try our beef. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop us a line or give us a call.

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Contact Futility Farms

By Mail:

Bev Thompson
Ken Henneman
Futility Farms LLC
N5100 Webster Lane
Gilman, WI 54433

By Phone/Fax/Text:

Phone: 715-447-5720
Fax: 715-447-5720
Cell: 715-550-5720

By Email:


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Futility Farms' pricing for top-quality meats:

Beef, Pork, Chicken, Lamb and Specialty Meats


Cut of BeefPrice per Pound
Broth Bones$1.79
Chuck Roasts$6.29
Cube Steaks$6.99
Flank Steak$8.19
Flat Iron Steaks$9.89
Ground Round$5.99
Hamburger 1# & 1.5# packages$5.49
NY Strip Steak - 1" or 1/4"$14.29
Patties 4-1 (1#)$5.89
Patties 4-1 Boxes$5.79
Patties 3-1 (1#)$5.89
Patties 3-1 Boxes$5.79
Rib Eye Steak (boneless) - 1" or 1/4"$14.19
Rib Roast$14.09
Rib Steak - 1" & Cowboy Cut 2"$14.09
Round Roasts$6.69
Round Steaks$6.69
Rump Roasts$6.69
Short Ribs$5.39
Sirloin Steaks$9.89
Sirloin Tip Roasts$9.89
Skirt Steak$8.19
Soup Bones$4.39
Stew Meat$5.59
Cost on halves & quarters
price includes all basic processing
Normal delivery charge$40.00
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Cut of PorkPrice per Pound
(as available)
Chops (Boneless)$5.69
Ground Pork$4.69
Pork Sausage (no nitrates, no msg)$5.19
Pork Roast$4.99
Pork Roast (Boneless)$5.09
Loin Roast$5.59
Spare Ribs$3.69
Smoked Ham Roast$5.69
Smoked Ham Roast (Boneless)$5.79
Smoked Ham Steak (Boneless)$5.89
Pork Cutlets$5.69
Pork Tenderloin$7.99
Pork Hocks$3.69
Pork Hocks Smoked$5.49

Whole and half pigs available on a limited basis. Please contact us for more information.

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CutPrice per Pound
Whole Chicken$3.70
Half Chickens$3.89
Chicken Breasts$10.29
Leg/Thigh Combinations$3.90
Chicken Wings$3.90
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Whole, half and individual cuts of lamb are available seasonally. Please contact us for more information.

Specialty Items

ItemPrice per Pound/Package
Beef Sticks$2.50/PKG. of 4
Brats - fresh, 1/2 pork 1/2 beef (no nitrates, no msg.)$7.59
Naked Brats (no nitrates, no msg)$6.99
Hot Dogs (no nitrates, no msg)$7.75/Pkg. of 8
Dog bones $1.50 each

Contact us to order, or for more information.

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Winter Schedule

1st Saturday each Month
10:00 - noon
December 2 - April 7
Junction of Hwy 64 and 13
Medford, WI

Hayward - Location TBA
2nd Saturday of Every Month
12:00 - 2:00
November 11 - May 12
Parking lot of Miller's Market
15867 Railroad Street
Hayward, WI

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Summer 2017 Farmers' Markets

Hayward Farmers' Market
11:30 - 4:00
June 5 - September 25
15886W US Hwy 63 S
(Corner 63 & Michigan)
Hayward, WI

Medford Farmers' Market
8:00 - 1:00
May 20 - October 28
Junction of Hwys 13 and 64
Medford, WI

Stores and Restaurants

We are proud to work with these businesses to bring Futility Farm's meats to you.


CT's Deli
Have a burger
17 N. Brown St

Golden Harvest
627 Coon Street
(715) 369-5266

Joe's Pasty Shop
try a pasty
made with FF beef
parking off Courtney St.
(715) 369-1224


Wild Berry Market
8744 Hwy 51N
(715) 356-2635

Eagle River:

Prime Choice Meat Market
1144 Hwy 45 S
(715) 479-4456


JLAR Valley
N5541 State Highway 13
(715) 748-9752


Millers Market
15838 US Hwy 63
(715) 638-3200

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